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See Exactly Why Some People Are Directly Identifying President Obama As Being "The AntiChrist"!

These days with all of society coming unraveled like a cheap $2.00 suit, it is extremely easy to look for someone else to blame all of our own misfortunes upon.

However some people have directly targeted President Barack Obama as being 'the one and the only' modern-day AntiChrist ... Or False Prophet!

*Food for Thought:

> "7 Reasons Barack Obama Is Not A Christian" - ChristianADC Campaign:

> Christian ADC Campaign: "7 Reasons Why President Obama is NOT a Christian" - Youtube Videos:

*Footnote: Have we all forgotten about this little 2008 issue concerning Obama and his sordid church connections and escapades???

Obama Resigns From His Church After Long Controversy And Distances Himself - MSNBC:

Cherry Pickers!!!

> OMG! Is Obama the AntiChrist? Proof??? - Youtube:

> Is Obama the AntiChrist? - 12 of 19 Characteristics Are Met! - Youtube:

> Obama Takes Control of European Union - Part 1 - Youtube:

> Obama Takes Control of European Union - Part 2 - Youtube:

> Is Obama The AntiChrist? - Part 1 - Youtube:

> Is Obama The AntiChrist? - Part 2 - Youtube:
> Final Proof! Obama Is The AntiChrist!:

> Obama AntiChrist 2012???:

> Obama and the AntiChrist's False Prophet:

> Is Obama the AntiChrist - Newsweek Archive:

> CAUTION: Controversial C2NN Care2 News to Note, Discuss & Forward with Thanks!!!:

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See Exactly Why Some People Are Directly Identifying President Obama As "The AntiChrist"!
See Exactly Why Some People Are Directly Identifying President Obama As "The AntiChrist"!
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Many religious scholars, theologians, and even average voting citizens are posing an important and alarming question, which has become even louder of late: "Is President Barack Obama the AntiChrist or perhaps even His False Prophet???".
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*Note: I challenge you to search the Internet even more on this topic -- food for thought, most definitely and please keep in mind that just because you may not believe in it, just think how much this mental imagery is going to shape and affect a percentage of the general voter's perception throughout the 2012 elections!


  1. Concepts of the Latter Day End Times:

    .... And His followers were blinded as if they were beguiled within some type of deep dark mystical trance, but could not see for themselves the road they had embarked upon was leading everyone straight into the jaws of Hell ....

    And out of a past record of hidden obscurity He would rapidly arise and hypnotize the viperous last generation, being swept-up into the highest office of the land, but then He would turn His hungry gaze for power upon the European Union, thus preparing to secure full control of its final destination ....As its Head (leader) ....

    Then finally brokering a false peace agreement between the nation Israel and its Muslim middle-eastern enemies being encamped on all sides .....

    As the Russian bear descends in challenge out of the North to devour through regional conquest ....

  2. There is an extremely beckoning mystery not being addressed concerning Mr. Barack Obama!

    His wife Michelle Obama was a director for the Chicago Chapter of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), however the Chicago Chapter mysteriously changed its name to become the Council on Global Affairs just 9 months prior to Mr. Obama's announcement of running for presidential office.

    Nearly everyone surrounding Mr. Obama officially belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations ... EXCEPT for Mr. Obama himself ... No official record of his joining exists!

    Mr. Obama has purposely distanced himself from becoming an active member, but he cannot turn around in his administration without bumping into an active CFR member ...

    WHY IS THIS???

    It might have something do with what he doesn't want the public to see on his 'official' live birth certificate, which he has spent millions of dollars to secure from public view.

    People should research this and ask some serious questions here!!!

  3. "What's all the fuss about ....???".

    First Obama losses his liberal base, then a good percentage of the Christian vote .... whose next and what's left or do you expect the GOP to vote Obama into office in 2012!?!?

    "Obama's Liberal Base 'Disengaged'" - USATODAY:

    "Liberal Base Abandoning Sinking President" - NYPost:

    Christian ADC (Anti-Defamation Campaign Committee):

    "7 Reasons Barack Obama Is Not A Christian" - Christian ADC Campaign:

    ChristianADC Campaign: 7 Reasons Why President Obama is NOT a Christian - Youtube Videos:

    Could President Obama's billion dollar re-election bid be some sort of tax write-off or something .... since his 2012 Campaign is anything but a sure win!?!?

  4. ... IF you are afraid of President Barack Obama's further dismantling of America and allowing Him to continue on His road of 'change'

    ... And turning it into an unrecognizable Socialist Republic joined-at-the-hip-as-becoming-ONE with the Globalized European Union, then the following post should be of great-intense interest to you and your family!

    "STOP President Obama 2012 Campaign(s): The Gathering Political Storm!":

    *Note: Perhaps this is the very reason President Obama is attempting to control the Internet by installing a preemptive 'Kill Switch' and not just in the case of terrorist attacks!?!?


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