Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reverse ObamaCare Now!!!


Topic: ObamaCare - Socialist Health Care Takeover Using the Liberal Media.

From the Desk of:
David Martin, Executive Vice President

Dear Reader,

President Barack Obama is trying to put our nation on the fast track to socialized health care, and on June 24, the ABC network will help him sell this bill of goods to the American people.

Next Wednesday, ABC News will transform the White House into their newsroom for what has been described as an unabashed infomercial promoting the Democrat agenda, more specifically, government-run health care control program.

++ ABC News Emphatically Rejects Opposing Views :

ABC News has abandoned all pretense of journalistic integrity in its bid to be the administration's official salesman for ObamaCare.

ABC flatly rejected Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Ken McKay's request to add opposition views to ensure all sides of the health care debate were represented in the town hall forum.

Not only that, ABC News Vice President Kerry Smith responded by saying, ABC News alone will select those who will be in the audience asking questions of President Barack Obama.

As if that wasn't enough, ABC then rejected an ad from a conservative group trying to counter the liberal health care agenda.

They clearly are not interested in a fair and balanced presentation on this subject.

Void of opposing views, this news special becomes nothing more than an extended infomercial designed to scare and manipulate the American people into supporting a trillion-dollar government takeover of the highest quality health care system in the world!

++ Hold ABC News Accountable

Health care is an issue of life and death!

If you don't want politicians and faceless bureaucrats making your personal health care decisions for you, which medical procedures you need, which treatments are affordable, which medications you can have, then stand with us and demand the media present a balanced view on how to reform health care.

*That's why we are asking MRC Action team members to do two things TODAY :

First, take a moment right now to call ABC News executives and demand balance in the health care debate. Ask them why they won't allow the conservative point of view on this show :

*Here is your contact information:

DavidWestinPresident, ABC News(212) 456-6200
Anne SweeneyPresident, ABC-Disney Television Group(818) 569-7700

Second, click here to submit questions to be asked at this town hall meeting on Wednesday, the questions that the liberal media aren't asking :

Questions like :

· How much will your plan cost?

· How will it be paid for?

· Can you name one example of the government taking over an industry and the costs falling as a result???

*Click here to hear MRC founder Brent Bozell's exclusive message to the MRC Action team explaining why we all need to act NOW to stop what he calls one of the worst examples I've seen in all my years of observing media bias :

ObamaCare - MRC News :

++ Alert your Friends and Family :

A firestorm of protest can bring about quick change.

That's why after taking action, we are asking you to forward this update to 25-30 friends and family members.

Let them know what is happening, and how they can play a pivotal role by calling.

President Obama has already taken over the banks and General Motors, now he's using ABC television to ram his socialist health care plan down our throats!

Make your calls, and forward this important message today!

Thank you in advance for taking action with the MRC.


P.S.: To help you track all the news surrounding ObamaCare and the liberal media slant on health care reform, we created a special website where we will post all the latest news and stories in the coming weeks.

*Please visit it often to stay on top of this life or death issue :

ObamaCare - MRC Actions :


"The Obamacare to Come" > By: Michael Tanner on National Review Online :


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