Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Mr. President; What About Middle Class America? -- Is Your Solution Still To Print More Money???

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For those who oppose the Obama Administration's U.S. economic policy decisions and after reading the "Annual Report on Middle Class" pdf, with their noble posturing in February of 2010, then we can vividly see why there is a growing opposition.

By reflecting back over the past 13 months (Feb 2010 - Mar 2011) up to current time and basically looking slightly forward into our economic future, we must take pause to address our present concerns.

We fail to see any significant assistance actually being rendered toward those identified as average American Middle Class families and their continuing desperate pursuit of legal employment within the United States of America!

Wherever President Obama is involved, we always hear pro-Obama followers exclaiming "Give him more time and have patience!", but after the last 13 months with virtually NO results in sight and having to constantly hear people complain (including my own family members) within our local grocery and retail stores on a daily basis, then we begin to seriously wonder ... What's Up With That????

The United States Government is becoming more desperate by the day and a loud question is currently being raised as to what is going to be done in Washington D.C. concerning these volatile financial situations.

The United States Government has been eyeing American individual retirement accounts since 1993, in order to manipulate this as an emergency reserve cash-flow fund, which of course the federal government would promise to insure its monetary safety and stability.

Our main hope is that if enough Americans speak-out against this total federal takeover of all individual 401K's and IRA's, then it would become political suicide for them to commit such an absurd act in the first place.

Social Security is a government controlled system and has now become morally and economically bankrupt, so federal control over individual retirement accounts would also be run-into-the-ground -- no differently in-like-fashion over the long term.

Raiding an already crippled system as an emergency cash fund is obviously not the appropriate answer!

Over the next 12 months the U.S. economy is going to be inundated by a tsunami of financial reckonings and if the United States currency (USD) continues to slowly be removed as the World's Reserve Currency, then this is where the real and absolute threat and present danger to the American way of life exists!

It appears that hyperinflation could possibly be right around the corner ... and we have to stop and ask ourselves:

Where are the jobs Mr. President?

The stimulus did not effectively work and how are we going to continue paying for these rising commodity prices in our stores!?!?

Are you on vacation again Mr. President and will you get back to us very soon on these critical  issues????

We can only sincerely hope that President Obama will in fact physically respond with no fancy speeches ... if any ... before it gets too incredibly late.

Americans are beginning to wake-up and ask themselves these very same exacting questions here today!

"Annual Report on Middle Class" - White House Vice President Biden - @ WhiteHouse.gov - February 2010

"Obama Administration Plans to Seize 401(k) Retirement Accounts" - New American - May 2010

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